Innovativeness. From the beginning.

Trafity connects the theoretical foundations of safety with a practical approach. From 2022, the experience of tens of years and thousands of hours will be recreated with the help of a completely new technical solution. It is an useful tool for practitioners and an opportunity for trainee to understand complex situations in essence.

Everything starts with theory. Let’s analyze risks

Every road user has had to make many decisions repeatedly. Decisions are always related to risk, without comprehending the nature of the danger, the probability of getting into a traffic crash, and the costs of damages. Using scientific measurement methods, it is possible to position the current behavior patterns of each road user and minimize traffic risks in the future.

Immersive visualization

Virtual reality helps you to immerse yourself in the midst of traffic hazards and traffic damage and visualize the connections between details. Experiencing the potential surrounding risks provides a unique and safe opportunity for perception and learning.

The virtual reality experience

In virtual reality, the participant can estimate distances and braking distances at different speeds, go to the scene of a traffic crash with the police, and see the causes of visual errors under the guidance of experts. In addition, it is possible to see injuries caused by crash at city speeds and get explanations about the substantive problems of alcohol consumption.

Practicing in virtual reality makes it possible to understand the importance of safety in a vital way, which helps reduce serious traffic crashes and the resulting damages.


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